TL Technologies and Service Vietnam is sale and service provider for semiconductor and SMT in Vietnam.

We are providing our customers with highly competitive products and integrated after-sales service. Since establishment, TLTS consistently pursue the professionalism for semiconductor technology, and the principle of good faith with our customers. Distributing various types of Semiconductor Packaging and Testing,  SMT equipment, Consumable and providing after-sales and technical service support.

An engineer working in a laboratory wearing a special uniform and protective gloves holds new processor in hands and examines it
OUr Mission

TLTS was established to provide equipment and labor for the semiconductor and SMT fields. training high-level workers to meet the rigor of the high-tech industry. A team of engineers with many years of experience working abroad such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, US, ... We wish to serve and develop semiconductor industry in Vietnam from front end to backend and SMT.

Our service

We are focusing to serve Semiconductor Companies in the region eg. Intel, Onsemi, Sharp, Samsung, Amkor, etc, and SMT process, etc.


why choose us

We can provide high level engineer in Semicon and SMT. We are one of few Vietnam companies have experience in both front end and backend such as CVD, Wet bench, Pick and Place, AOI, Tester, Oven, etc

- Providing equipment for semiconductor and SMT

- Labor support

- We offer not just what is shown in the profile but also, we are willing to listen and work with customer for customized solutions.

Advance Technology

- We hope to bring industrial 4.0 to close with you.

- Providing latest technology to customers with low cost.

Expert Engineer

- High level

- We did service for many wafer FAB in the world.

- Strong experience in semicon, SMT and automation.

Ontime Delivery

- Committed to on-time delivery

- Quick response

Customer Support

- Please contact us if you have any inquiry

Email: info@tltechse.com